"I’m glad I took the time to google John Tyler.  Google pointed me to Balletopia, where I read Mr. Tyler's Candidate Connection survey thoughts.  I empathized with, and understood everything he communicated, and was captivated throughout.  That's rare in any form of writing, mush less in the political arena.  Well done, and thank you. 

The incumbent has not been effective at letting the public get to know him under any iteration of his communications.  Yet, I have been voting for him as he “represents” democratic values.  That's on me, the voter.  We(I) must engage more ourselves, or we’ll continue to perpetuate this universally unequal society that’s fraying and fracturing all citizens.  As humans, we’ve the capacity to create healthy, bountiful, prosperous, fair, and just societies.  Yet, we don’t. I’d love to pose that question to Dr. Sagan.  I think Mr. Tyler is asking good questions, while expressing a clear plan and focus
on education, training, change, inclusion, and converting competition to benefit all, not one. 

Therefore, Mr. Tyler has 2 votes coming his way from
our household."

Best of luck,

John Edwards

A New, Progressive Voice for California’s 5th District

There is a Progressive Movement occurring in America. A powerful push towards a more balanced, healthier nation where the benefits of our society extend to everyone and the wealth of a nation is shared by all its people.


This move is being fueled by the progressive leadership of people like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I was directly inspired by Bernie’s call for everyday citizens to run for office and join #OurRevolution. The goal of this movement is to restore our system of government and return it to the control of the people. Currently, the largest corporations and wealthiest American Oligarchs effectively “own” the government and that’s not what America is about. I fully endorse a philosophy that believes it is the role and responsibility of government to provide to ALL its citizens:

  • ​A Safe America

  • Medicare for All

  • Education for All

  • Social, Racial and Economic Justice for All

  • Jobs for All

  • Housing for All

  • A Green New Deal

  • LGBTQ+ Equality

  • Native American Empowerment

  • A Safe Working Environment

  • Free and Fair Elections

  • Responsible Foreign Policy

  • A Fair-Share Tax Plan for the Wealthy

  • A Better Social Security System

  • Legalized Cannabis

  • Corporate Accountability

  • Wall Street Reform


​American Government is a fluid experiment, in constant motion. Unless the Representation for the people changes on a regular basis, it becomes stagnant. This is the situation we find our Congressional leadership in today. We shouldn’t be afraid to vote for someone new, to stir it up a bit, to go outside the Party insiders and select a fresh face, a new voice.  I have the government experience, the political knowledge and an incorruptible nature, driven by a sense of “Justice for All” that will give YOU the confidence to Vote for Change and for Progress on March 3rd and to vote for new, experienced leadership and finally free ourselves from corporate-owned, establishment politics as usual in California’s District #5.


I’m a Progressive Democrat. I’m a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a coach, a neighbor, a friend. I’m a lover of the natural world, a philosopher, amateur astronomer and musician…and a very concerned citizen. 

If you are old enough, you remember the George W. Bush days, 9/11, Saddam, Bin Laden, WMDs…burning oil fields and smouldering twin towers. You’ll also remember that those were difficult times. But they were, in hindsight, nothing like today. Watergate, if we go back even further to my childhood, was a blip on the radar compared to this *president’s antics.

I’m not good with watching our Democracy turn into an Authoritarian Aristocracy based on the Russian Oligarch model that this *president seems to love so much. I’m not at all happy with the way we continue to poison the Earth and ourselves, the way we continue to neglect and blame the poor, and the way we worship money and elevate celebrity and riches above all else. I’m not particularly happy, either, with the prospect of going to work in Washington, DC, where it seems nothing good happens…

But I have to.

I have to stand up for science literacy and Mother Earth, not only to educate our students, but to inform the adults as well. It is astounding that so many influential public figures are willing to repeat bogus claims that try to invalidate the very real and immediate threat of a warming planet and other scientific facts. One of my personal heroes, Carl Sagan, began talking about greenhouse gases in the 70s, and we’ve not made enough progress since. The global climate crisis has to be our first and immediate priority. Without a livable planet, nothing else matters.


I have to stand up for protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Movements like #MeToo are changing the face of the work environment, and it’s about time. The Indigenous People all over this country have had their way of life systematically destroyed by greed and unregulated capitalism and they need our compassion and assistance. Our elderly population needs affordable housing and free healthcare. Our children need clean, nutritious food, free from chemicals like glyphosate. We all need quality free education up to the college level. We all need a living wage. We all need to value teachers, first responders, nurses, janitors, garbage truck drivers, construction workers, welders, electricians, plumbers, service industry employees, cashiers, waitresses and busboys, grocery clerks, auto mechanics, day care providers and small business owners more than we value the celebrities of the world. We all need politicians that understand, who have lived through, the real struggles that all Americans face on a daily basis.  We all need representatives that will do more than just pay lip service to our needs in between photo ops.

These are just some of the reasons that I’m standing up for all of us and jumping, head first, into this meat grinder we call American Politics…and I’m telling you now that I know it’s a long road, but I’m ready.

I’m ready to fight the establishment on behalf of the constituents of CA-05 and the rest of the nation.
I'm ready to change the way we think about our political leaders by becoming one that will be honest, respected and immune to the negative influences of corporate America. I’m ready to fight for the good of the Earth and those who inhabit it.

Are you ready to fight alongside?



Join Us.


Clearlake, Lake County

Home to the Chi Hitch, an ancient endemic fish species, this beautiful California resource is sadly being neglected. As your U.S. Representative, I promise to make the restoration of these great waters a major priority and will work to bring increased funding to restore Clearlake to its original condition and bring a higher level of protection to the endangered species that live there.

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