Sustainable Energy

Climate Change

Our #1 Problem

Climate Science is undeniable. Human activity is responsible for the extraordinary increase of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. The burning of fossil fuels and global deforestation are the most destructive practices, but there are many others as well. If we don’t reverse our global trends with regard to pollution and begin to fully switch to natural renewable sources of energy within the next ten years, we are destined to create an unlivable environment for our grand children and will be responsible for the destruction of life as we currently know it. 

Here’s how I will vote differently than the incumbent and bring the change we need:

1. I will vote for a Green New Deal. I support the idea of rebuilding our electrical infrastructure to support green electricity distribution nation-wide. I support creating millions of jobs and retraining workers from obsolete positions in the fossil fuel industry to work in the New Green Revolution.

2. I will vote to end subsidies to fossil fuel companies and electrical utilities like PG&E that reroute those funds to multi-million dollar salaries for their executives while failing to properly invest in maintenance and upgrades that would enhance safety and reduce pollution.

3. I will vote to reduce logging and clear cutting operations by American interests around the world. To many trees and forests are being cleared every day to make way for more corporate agriculture. I will work to make these practices unprofitable and therefore unattractive to investment.

This is the only place we have to call home. We only have a short time to fix what we've broken.

The Earth is experiencing an extinction of life like no other time in our human history. Species are being hunted and fished out of existence. Others are having their habitats destroyed to make way for corporate farming. Still others are simply being poisoned by the massive amounts of pollution dumped into our waterways.

Nature is beautiful and diverse. It should be honored, respected and protected. The visitors to the backyard feeder I built here in Kelseyville remind me of that truth every day.

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