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Medicare for All

Healthcare is a Right.

I support a Medicare for All system that would eliminate insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Insurance companies, and their associated administrative costs, drain the health care system of vital resources that should go towards treating patients.  They rob the system of resources and use the profits to pay enormous executive salaries and Wall St. Dividends to the 1%. The amount of administrative waste is staggering.


Under the current system, unprotected and underrepresented populations, like my neighbors here in Lake County, take the hardest hit. No one in this country should have to go bankrupt because they got sick or were in an accident.. That is unacceptable to me and yet it happens every day. Not to rich people, but to ordinary citizens, friends and neighbors.


Our current Representative, Mike Thompson, does not support M4A, but rather a "public option." Thompson is the 16th richest member of Congress and a friend to the Corporate Structure. He sees the problem as less the responsibility of the insurance companies and would rather blame waste in the current system on the users and "over-utilization." 

          "By streamlining health care, reducing fraud and abuse, ending unnecessary testing, discouraging over-

          utilization, investing in smart reforms, and emphasizing preventive health care, we can significantly bring down

          the cost of health care." - Mike Thompson

I completely disagree with Mike Thompson on this point. People will go to the doctor more if they are uncertain and scared. When health care is scarce and expensive, it makes people more uncertain an scared about their health and subsequently drives up use. If people know that they can go to the doctor anytime with no cost, they won't have that stress and worry, bringing down overall use. Medicare for All is the answer.


I believe that a single-payer system - expanded Medicare, administered properly is the best way to solve our health care cost crisis. Eliminating the need to pay out shareholders on Wall Street and multi-million dollar executive salaries will bring down costs and restoring taxes on the ultrawealthy corporations like Amazon will bring back the revenue we need. Our incumbent takes thousands in financial donations from giant healthcare industry donors. He will always choose corporate profit over the health of the electorate. This is precisely the reason our system is broken. We have to vote for change.

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