The Heart of a Teacher

I've been teaching school in one form or another for twenty years. I've taught at public and private schools, elementary, high school, junior college and the university. Math, Science, Public Speaking, Argumentation & Debate, Automotive Restoration and Painting...I've taught it all. And I would say that our education system is broken and we are neglecting one of our most valuable citizen groups...the young students.


Schools are underfunded, teachers are undervalued. Students are uninterested. Kids are being graduated but many of those are not adequately prepared for their futures, they're are not given the tools they need to fully become effective citizens and a force for growth in society.


Our American model for educating our children is outdated and based on a factory model from the industrial revolution. Modern society has accepted bloated, ineffective administrations that drain resources away from the students and make school nearly unbearable. Our schools have become more like jails in many ways. We need to take a hard look in the mirror. So many countries in the world are doing it so much better than we are. In America, the first word we associate with "school' is "shooting." That's a red flag. Most schools incorporate armed police officers into their staff. Lock-down drills traumatize new students on a regular basis. We need to look outward for new ideas and be prepared to completely revamp our schools and escape the corporate model. Stop making our children compete for grades and standardized test scores. It's driving them crazy. Let them study more of what they want to study, what interests them. Let the hope of college come without a heavy price tag. Let school become a place of imagination, creation and innovation.

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