Fair Share Taxes

"At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, we need a progressive tax system in this country that is based on the ability to pay. It is unacceptable that major corporations have paid nothing in federal income taxes, and that corporate CEOs in this country often enjoy an effective tax rate that is lower than their secretaries. If we are serious about reforming the tax code and rebuilding the middle class, we have got to demand that the wealthiest Americans, large corporations, and Wall Street pay their fair share in taxes."

        - Bernie Sanders

The American system of free market corporate-owned politics has come to its pinnacle in Donald Trump. His impeachment is clear evidence that the changes that began during the Reagan years have failed in their end result. The most recent tax cut for the wealthy and our soaring federal deficit are more indicators that monied interests have fully seized control of our country's wealth and have no problem putting the future financial burden onto the backs of everyday citizens and our families.


I agree with Senator Sanders in that large corporations and the wealthiest 1% in this country do not pay a fair share of tax back to a system that has been clearly advantageous to them in a financial sense. Jeff Bezos pays no substantial tax and the news simutanously reports about his record-shattering wealth accumulation. It is profane. It must end.

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