Speaking with the Benecia High School Students about Native Empowerment

Native American Empowerment

From the onset of the American experiment, white settlers have systematically destroyed the land and the cultures of the people that were already here when they arrived. The Native Tribes all across this nation deserve better.

In Lake County the Pomo People (the People of the Water) have lived here for more than 13,000 years. They are as sacred and as deep a part of Nature as Mount Konocti itself. Yet 170 years ago, the US Army slaughtered dozens of Native Pomo men, women and children in what became known as the Bloody Island Massacre. All for the advancement of business interest and capital investment.

With this act, and so many others like it, we've damaged our relationship with the Native People and the Earth itself. A sacred and spiritual bond has been broken and today we pay the price in so many ways.

As a country, we need to acknowledge these atrocities with more than lip service. Reparations need to be made. The Native Voice needs to be elevated to its rightful place of Honor, above the say of the government so that parks like Bear's Ear continue to grow and we no longer allow sacred lands to be plowed over to build a wall.

Konocti - The Woman of the Mountain

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