"PG&E ex-CEO gets $2.5 million severance amid wildfire woes."

San Jose Mercury News - January 14, 2019

Good evening,

My name is Anthony and a voter in this district. I have a couple questions. What are your feelings towards PG&E? Do you feel they are managing their equipment and should they be turning power grids off? Would you accept money from this now or if you became a congressman? I ask because the incumbent has expressed support for them, when all they are doing is causing hysteria and unneeded stress on the people. I have already discussed with a multitude of voters and we are in agreement no more Thompson. I like you and your website, however I will be asking your opponent as well.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Hello Anthony,


Thank you for your interest in our campaign and thank you for an important question. 


Let me be clear. PG&E already knows me and knows that I am opposed to their monopoly and will work to break it up. I have real-world experience dealing with this issue. In 2007, I was appointed to the Board of Directors for the San Joaquin Valley Power Authority; California’s pioneering attempt at Community Choice Aggregation (see attached newsletter). I debated and argued with PG&E back then in public forum at our City Council meetings about their destructive practices and focus on stakeholder returns. Our goal as a CCA was to generate our own cleaner energy and provide it to our citizens for the lowest possible rate. PG&E fought our attempts with millions of dollars worth of lobbying and advertising in an effort to thwart CCA, and they were successful in that first go roun. But today Community Choice Aggregation works in our district and should be expanded and utilized to greatest extent possible.


I would never take money from PG&E or any other corporate interests. In fact, they would never offer me money in the first place, and I like it that way.

...and finally, No...they should not be allowed to turn off the grids at their will. The disruption to society is unacceptable. They should be maintaining their distribution equipment to a much higher level. If there are no profits to maintain and if CCAs handle generation, PG&E can focus on distribution and maintenance.


Thank you so much for your support. Please check back to our website often, I’ll be adding information daily.



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